Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Master of Robotics and Advanced Construction at IAAC Barcelona

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is introducing a new Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC) and related scholarships and internship opportunities for students.

The IAAC is a center of research, education, production, and outreach. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the Institute's mission is to envision the future habitat of our society and build the present. Following the digital revolution at all scales, from bits to geography, from microcontrollers to cities, from materials to the territory, the IAAC is an experimental and experiential center where one learns by doing, through a test of methodology that promotes real solutions.

The Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC), codirected by Alexandre Dubor and Aldo Sollazzo, seeks to train a new generation of interdisciplinary professionals capable of facing our growing need for a more sustainable and optimized construction ecosystem. The Master focuses on the emerging design and market opportunities arising from novel robotic and advanced manufacturing systems, by offering an international and multidisciplinary environment where engineers, designers, architects, artisans, and industry partners rethink the construction industry.

For MRAC, IAAC announces two full scholarships at ABB and CRICURSA, followed by a remunerated three months internship in their facilities in Barcelona.

Students will learn to:
  • Manipulate and integrate robotics and advanced manufacturing process
  • Create and generate a parametric design for mass customization in the connected industry 4.0
  • Integrate computer vision and sensor feedback for complex material systems and fabrication processes
  • Explore the potential of computational optimization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Understand and integrate the potential of autonomous robot systems
  • Develop new applications of augmented reality and connected mobile devices
  • Propose new digital design and building technologies for both prefabrication and on-site construction

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