Wednesday, April 4, 2018

IAAC Global Summer School 2018

The Global Summer School (GSS) is a platform defined by ambitious, multiscalar investigation of the implications of emerging techniques in our planned environments. 

Each year, international teams located in key cities around the globe explore a common agenda with projects that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions. Because of this, participants have an international laboratory to test their design hypothesis and to understand how to test design conclusions derived locally and evolved globally in different cities where other teams reside. This intensive two-week course connects each participant to ongoing research agendas in robotics, simulation, physical computing, parametric design, digital fabrication, and other relevant emerging design methodologies. Specific emphasis is placed on understanding the multiscalar implications of design conclusions, creating critical research advanced on the application of new technologies in design.

GSS18 will run from July 2-14. Participants will gain theoretical and applicative knowledge about current urban innovative strategies. They will become familiar with parametric software such as Grasshopper and Rhino, data visualization, and using digital fabrication machines. To register for the Global Summer School, submit an online application form. Applications are open until May 31, 2018.

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