Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Custom art on your bicycle

Artwork for the Thistle bicycle

Julie Pedalino, a professional graphic artist from Lenexa, Kansas has found a way to combine two passions, art and bicycles, With Rhino and RhinoCAM, Julie Pedalino combines her art and hardcore machining prowess to create one of a kind bicycles at her studio, Pedalino Bicycles.

RhinoCAM interviewed Julie, discussing this convergence of art, CAD/CAM and CNC technology and some of her most recent 4 Axis custom bike projects.

Machining part
Although she fits bicycles for all sizes of riders, Julie is especially interested in smaller riders who struggle with production frames designed for the average rider. She first discusses with the client the riding they want to do and the type of rider they are. She takes body measurements. She delves into the personal expression in the design. The client ends up with a bicycle with good performance, comfortable fit, and self-expression, or as Julie describes it, "fit and function with a splash of panache!"

The design can include customized lugs, decals, and other branding. The artistic graphics are where Julie’s professional graphics design experience shines. Julie merges her professional artistic talent, CAD/CAM and CNC technology to produce beautiful bikes.

Finished bicycle
Rhino provided the opportunity for more sculptural and organic modeling. RhinoCAM was then the logical add-on for the CAM programming.

RhinoCAM interviews Julie Pedalino, RhinoCAM & Pedalino Bicycles...

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