Thursday, January 11, 2018

Performative Design .01, Baghdad

February 5-8, 2018

This four-day workshop, set in a studio environment, will introduce an integrated approach to designing multi-story buildings with environmental sensibility. It will provide participants with tools and techniques to integrate environmental data and site-specific issues early in the design process and to respond to their design. It will also focus on teaching students how to deploy these principles as a design strategy for different types of projects.

To register, email Hasan Hadi or call 078 06999394
Registration deadline: January 20

Tools & Techniques

On a design level, working with Rhino and Grasshopper workflow, the workshop will introduce parametric design techniques as a new platform for addressing environmental issues. After covering a few exercises on the logic and the principles of this design medium, we will apply the learned techniques in a design exercise. We will analyze the forces affecting the selected site, develop data sets for the forces field, and use this information to inform the generation of the building form. Systems differentiation (design output) will be created as a result of negotiations between the applied environmental forces and students’ design sensibility.
On a technical level, with visual scripting with Grasshopper, participants will learn how to build and manage parametric data structures (from simple lists to complex data trees) and develop data-driven responsive geometry and envelopes. Geometry and building skins will evolve in response to the context-specific database selected from a manifold of information such as environmental analysis, orientation, views, and others.
Prerequisites: Basic modeling skills in Rhino and basic/intermediate level in Grasshopper are required. Participants must bring their own laptops with preinstalled software.

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