Friday, January 15, 2016

COMPUTATION MATTERS: Grasshopper workshop in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria
Februay 24-28, 2016

COMPUTATION MATTERS is a workshop for integrative computational design. It presents an extensive introduction to digital design, complex geometry, and digital fabrication. The workshop's focus is the translation between digital morphogenesis, inherent material properties, and fabrication execution through the development of parametric geometric models, as well as both digital and physical model analysis. Participants will design systems derived by the explored material behavior, consisting of three-dimensional components aggregated within a network. The development of performative systems provides a wide range of architectural, interior, and product design applications.


The material chosen is polypropylene, due to the large domain of material properties that can be explored. Physical experiments will be carried out to understand the inherent material properties, which will be translated into a digital environment. Components will be developed through polypropylene sheet manipulation techniquesbending, twisting, or folding. Digital simulations and structural analysis will be carried out for components and aggregations, in parallel with physical prototyping.

What You Will Learn

– Introduction to Grasshopper and algorithmic geometry
– Creating complex geometries through parametric modeling
– Structural analysis techniques with Karamba3D
– Interactive physics simulations with Kangaroo
– Digital fabrication techniques with FabTools and Generation
– Understanding of performative design

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