Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rhino & Grasshopper workshop in Jordan

90 Degrees Design Studio invites you to a Rhinoceros & Grasshopper workshop in Jordan:

"Our current workshop is the first in Jordan to introduce McNeel’s Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. It is an introduction into the world of Parametric Design using these two softwares. Grasshopper is a graphical program language through which one can model complex geometric forms. It builds generative algorithms where outputs to these forms are tied to the inputs of subsequent components. 

Rhino is an advanced NURBS modeler through which one does precision modeling, project workflow, and organization. Grasshopper uses Rhino as a modeling platform to develop parametrically controlled models with real time geometric manipulation. These two programs are a powerful combination where Grasshopper parametrically defines the model logics to explore variations and optimized solutions while Rhino models and visualizes it. These two programs are essential for architects, designers, engineers, professionals, and students interested in exploring professionally the world of parametric design."

This workshop will be held in Amman/Jordan between the 15th and 22nd of January 2016 from 5pm to 10pm.

Instructor: Aldo Sollazzo, Authorized Rhino Trainer

Registration: contact Rasha Al-shami

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