Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting Started Live - Q&A tech support sessions


Getting Started Live - Q&A tech support sessions

You've downloaded and installed Rhino. Now, what's next? Bring your questions and issues to these live technical support sessions designed to get you started using your Rhino for Windows or Rhino for Mac.

Check the schedule and sign up here.

We will:
  • Introduce the interface, basic terminology, and modeling workflow
  • Create a model together
  • Review tech support resources, training options, and best practices
  • Open Mic Questions (or you can chat them)
Submit your questions, issues or problems when you register, so we can include them in our presentation.

Session may be longer/shorter depending on attendance and questions. If we cannot get you an answer during the live session, we will research and follow up with you after the presentation.

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