Friday, March 20, 2015

PatternElf released

PatternElf is a new footwear plugin for Rhino 5 developed by DES. PatternElf has two design procedures, 3-D/2-D and 2-D Only.

  •    Reverse-engineering for shoe lasts, meshes to NURBS.
  •    3-D last flattening, halves design procedures (Merge, Length, Spring, Lasting).
  •    Imports ImagineElf3D files, creates 2-D halves / 2-D curves / 2-D patterns automatically.
  •    Drawing curves on 3-D lasts, 2-D halves or simultaneously.
  •    Pattern design by Pattern Engineer (same with 2-D Only design procedure).
2-D Only
  •    Designs 2-D sketch on halves.
  •    Creates 2-D patterns from 2-D sketches.
  •    Pattern design by Pattern Engineer
    - Object oriented pattern design (Allowance, Stencil, Notches...)

    - Object oriented pattern morph (Spring, Match, Straighten, Crease...)

    - Process (History) editor.
  •    Exports to cutting machine. (HPGL format) 

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