Friday, September 12, 2014

SmartForm, new add-on for Grasshopper

SmartForm is a new real-time shape optimization and sculptural design tool for Grasshopper.

Developed by the Smart Space team at BuroHappold, SmartForm is a suite of tools to rapidly model, analyze and optimize complex free-form shapes found in modern architecture. It has the following components:

  • SmartForm: optimize a complex form in real time
  • SmartFormAnalyser: rapidly analyze a form and panelisation scheme for a variety of parameters like planarity, distortion, etc.
  • SmartClustering: an innovative tool that reduces the amount of unique panels and nodes within a given form.

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Anonymous said...

Inquiring about how to get SmartForm to work in order to achieve ArtCAM-like smooth organic puffing of flat curve defined surfaces, on the Grasshopper forum, Daniel Pikes demonstrated an alternative to SmartForm that uses his Kangaroo plug-in for Grasshopper to turn mesh wires into springs and then to apply simulated air pressure to it:

No more ArtCAM hassles for me!