Friday, September 5, 2014

HILA pavilion in Kiikeli island, Oulu, Finland

University of Oulu students in collaboration with DigiWoodLab project
Kiikeli island, Oulu, Finland

HILA pavilion is part of the summer workshop series at the University of Oulu, Faculty of architecture. The students of architecture created the concept and constructed HILA at the Kiikeli island, located right in front of the city center, in summer of 2014.

Hila pavilion is a synthesis of a three dimensional wooden lattice structure (hila in Finnish) and architecture, in which the rectangular base form is carved by a freeform inner void. The revealed wooden structure creates a lace-like appearance inside the pavilion, which is amplified by the complex shadows it forms. Viewed from inside, the openings on the sides of the pavilion frame beautiful views towards the river delta area, and the pavilion itself is shown as a prominent landmark towards the city.

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