Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recent Robot news

The news was a bit slow in the past months, as Robots in Architecture was busy organizing the upcoming ROB|ARCH 2012 conference. Here’s what happened recently:

Red Bull Arch

On June 1st, artists C. Neugebauer and M. Köhldorfer unveiled their huge 17x23m aluminum arch sculpture for the Red Bull Circuit in Spielberg/Austria. The robotic fabrication of the 83 positive foam molds was done using a customized version of KUKA|prc on a KUKA KR150-2 robot, which the artists purchased from the automotive industry for this particular project. The Association helped them set up the robot, customized KUKA|prc for their particular needs, and developed a workflow for efficiently producing all parts of the arch. Neugebauer and Köhldorfer will look at that project in-depth at our ROB|ARCH conference in December.

KUKA|prc new release

We are proud to announce a new version of KUKA|prc based on a fully rewritten robot engine, opening up a huge range of new possibilities. First and foremost, KUKA|prc is no longer limited to linear toolpaths, as needed, e.g., for milling, but can work with a wide variety of motion commands with adjustable speeds: linear motions, Point-to-point motions, and direct axis commands. Correctly using these specialized movement commands can greatly optimize robotic jobs. More...

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