Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New STF4 video

This video showcases a 4-day intensive workshop experience held at RoboFold during the last Shape To Fabrication in November 2011. During the course over 25 tutors, working professionals from the UK and abroad mentored around 25 students in using digital tools with contemporary software and hardware:

1. RoboFold // Kangaroo/Lobster: (Gregory Epps/Daniel Piker/Jeg Dudley)
2. Archiwaste // SMART Form: (Rupert Maleczek/Sam Joyce/Al Fisher)
3. Cutting Edge // Evolute Tools: (Kevin Hoy/Florin Isvoranu/Mathias Hoebinger)
4. Cordek // Grasshopper/Galapagos: (Lawrence Friesen/David Rutten)

More details here...

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