Monday, May 28, 2012

Neon 1.0 Beta 6 Now Available

Hi all!

There's a new Neon!

We've fixed several crash bugs that were in Beta 5, and we hope that Neon should be running both fast and stable.  In addition, this beta includes a couple of minor optimizations that should make it even snappier than Beta 5.
Here's a list of changes since Beta 5.


• Speed improvement for models with many mesh quads • Shader compile speed improvement

Bug Fixes

• Fixes Basic material not compiling properly if there is a texture in the environment slot • Neon no longer listens to events if it is not turned on.
• Fixes crash bug related to light/material updates.
• Fixes crash bug with too many GI rays being produced in certain scenes.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello everybody, I just 'rendered' a fine image with neon with background set to transparent in the neon-options panel under rhino-options/appearence/neon...
Does anyone know how to save an image like this as 32bit - so with alpha-channel? answers appreciated

best claude