Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Digital Fabrication workshops at Ilan Dei Studio

Ilan Dei Studio has posted a series of Digital Fabrication events and workshops. Check out their current schedule.

Digital Fabrication with Furniture Making
May 22-23

Day 1: Precision modeling for fabrication
  • Precision modeling of the classic chair design
  • Modeling for milling – curves, surfaces, and complex surfaces
  • Taking the 3D model to 2D for nesting
  • Properly nesting all the parts
  • Exporting toolpaths
Day 2: Machine set up, jigging and cutting
  • Set up machines
  • Set up jigs
  • Cutting each part
  • Finishing and post processing with CNC

Digital Fabrications: Strategies for Design, June 19-20
Digital Fabrication: Strategies for Design, July 24-25

Using Rhino modeling and CAD/CAM software, participants will explore the various methods of digital fabrication and how it affects the design process based on those guidelines. The five scenarios that dictate the fabrication process are Slice, Fold, Tile, Skin, and Carve.

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