Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EvoluteTools 2.0 PRO and Lite

EvoluteTools 2.0 has been released and there are now two different versions:
  • EvoluteTools PRO is an advanced paneling and geometry optimization tool for freeform surfaces with a user-friendly interface. Established computational tools from Evolute's core software library, as well as groundbreaking technology from our cutting edge research results, provide you with functionality not offered by any other system.
  • EvoluteTools Lite is a free Rhino plugin for the intuitive design of panelizations using multiresolution mesh modeling and mesh optimization. Meshes can be optimized for closeness to a reference surface, fairness (smoothness) of its polylines, and several other goals. No strings attached: no cost, no mesh size restrictions, and no patents.

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