Tuesday, June 7, 2011

N12: 3D printed bikini

Developed in partnership with Continuum Fashion, the N12 is the first fully 3D printed bikini, ready to wear and available for purchase from the Continuum's Shapeways Shop [...]

Digital Fabrics and Patterning

The N12 was designed using Rhino software and specially written algorithmic script to create the structure of the 3D printed fabric. The algorithm uses a complex 'circle packing' equation on an arbitrarily doubly curved surface (the bikini). The size of the circles responds to curvature and edge conditions of the form, creating smooth edges and a responsive pattern [...]

One of the goals of the circle patterning system is to be able to adapt it to any surface, at any size. This means that future articles of clothing can be produced using the same algorithm, this could be taken a step further into absolute customization by using a body scan to make a bespoke article of clothing, 3D printed to exactly fit only that person.

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