Monday, June 6, 2011

The Business of 3D Modeling: Interview with Dot San

From the Shapeways blog:

As we see awareness of the potential for 3D printing spread and the Shapeways community grow, we are also starting to see more and more businesses run off the back of the Shapeways shops. Alongside the people creating items to sell, we are also seeing an increasing number of people who want to get their ideas 3D printed, but do not have the necessary CAD skills to make it happen for themselves. To fill this need Shapeways has set up a place in the forums for people to seek out 3D Modelers, and a place for 3D modelers to promote their services. What started as a small number of people wanting help to make their item real, has turned into a constant flow that has now become a revenue stream for some members of the Shapeways community.

One of the Shapeways community members tapping into this stream is Dot San aka Vijay Paul. Vijay has helped a number of people realize their ideas with his 3D modeling mastery. His reputation, communications skills and reliability has been transposed into a steady stream of to the point that he has built his business with the majority of his referrals now coming through Shapeways, our 3D Modeler Needed and 3D Modelers for Hire forums.

"If the job requires it I use a number of different software but Rhino 3D and a Dell laptop are my main tools, I’m self taught and have been using Rhino3D for over 10 years."

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