Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo2Rhino, new plugin

Photo2Rhino, a new Rhino 3D plugin, is a more flexible and interactive version of the Rhino commands: heightfield and meshheightfield.

With Photo2Rhino you can:

  • Brighten and change the contrast of the images.
  • Rotate and crop the images.
  • Interactively apply smoothing to the mesh.
  • Apply vignette effects to make the mesh flatter at the edges.
  • Preview the mesh before insertion as a Rhino object.
  • Choose the number of points in the mesh irrespective of the number of pixels in the image.
  • Using RGB sliders, pick out important colors from the mesh.
  • See a profile of the mesh height as you adjust parameters in realtime.
  • Change the conversion from pixel to mesh height interactively to get the ideal mesh from less than ideal photographs and images.

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