Friday, February 11, 2011

Firefly enhanced

Andy Payne and Jason Kelly Johnson have released a new version of Firefly, version 1.004. Firefly is a set of tools dedicated to bridging the gap between Grasshopper, the Arduino micro-controller, the internet, and beyond.

This new release adds a few new components, including:

  • A new Ports Available component which polls your device manager and returns the COM number assigned to Arduino board
  • A new Wave component
  • A new reacTIVision component, which enables real-time camera tracking of fiducial markers. If you're new to reacTIVision, take a look at their web site and download their engine (and printable fiducial markers) for free. 
Also, the efficiency of several of the existing components was improved and everything was updated to support the latest Arduino UNO board.

There is an update to the Firefly Primer - a manual which provides an in-depth look at each individual component and walks you through the entire process of using this powerful new tool (from installation to final output). It also includes some basic tutorials, links, and references to get you up and running quickly.

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