Monday, March 29, 2010

Rhino Resurf case study

Rhino Resurf is a plugin for Rhino that can be used to fit untrimmed NURBS surfaces to scanned data.

Rhino Resurf was recently used for a project by 3Dtotal, a laser scanning service company in Portugal. In this architecture digitalizing project, they used RhinoResurf to post-process the scanned data. They created NURBS surfaces from the scanned point cloud with the precision of maximum tolerance = 0.01cm by using the RsPoints2Surf command in RhinoResurf. After texture mapping, they got a real 3D wall.

1. Photograph of the wall

2.Scanned data of the wall

3.NURBS surfaces created from the scanned point data (_RsPoint2Surf)

4.The textured wall based on the NURBS surfaces

You can download a trial of Rhino Resurf.

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