Saturday, January 30, 2010

CAD/CAM Operator, Rhino job in California

CAD/CAM Operator for a Sign Company

To provide precise file set ups and all functions related to producing a high quality routed graphics and parts accurately and in a timely manner using Rhinoceros, RhinoCAM and RhinoART.

Staying ahead of fabrication with a flow of parts that allow production to stay ahead of the published schedule. Maintaining equipment, supplies and material inventory in a fashion that will assure a leading level of routed parts.

• To have routed parts continuously available for fabrication to stay ahead of production and to be sure all assets of production are busy with routed product for optimum factory output.
• To be sure router data is available at the router in a manner timely to prevent router down time.
• Stay on top of sheet inventory so that material needed for any one project is on hand.
• To be sure all design files and therefore final output, matches the expected design(s) on the order.
• To fully utilize the latest in software and router accessories to optimize router output.

Aaron Clippinger
1160-M Pioneer Way
El Cajon, CA 92020
United States
Phone: (619) 579-2229
Fax: (619) 579-7651
E-mail: Aaron Clippinger


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