Monday, November 9, 2009

SmartGeometry Open Platform - TU Delft

Nov 27-29 -
SmartGeometry Open Platform - TU Delft (Holland)

This event will complement SmartGeometry's annual workshop and conference event, bringing many of SmartGeometry's experienced tutors to guide participants in exploring computational design through a variety of technologies. Click here to view the event poster.

The event will run in two parallel streams: one stream will feature training in Generative Components (GC) and Grasshopper, while the second will be a workshop where participants have the opportunity to propose and work on individual design projects using a variety of software platforms. Both streams will offer participants close interaction with tutors from practices and universities known for their accomplishments in computational design and analysis, and complex geometry.

Additionally, the stream featuring GC and Grasshopper will feature tutors from the companies behind each platform, Bentley and McNeel. Those working on individual projects will need to be proficient in their chosen platform but can draw on tutor's skills in various technologies -- for instance Processing, C++/OpenGL, RhinoScript -- as well as tutors' expertise in complex problems of geometry, structure, algorithms, and analysis. Participants will be able to change streams as it suits the development of their work.

In the evenings, participants can attend presentations demonstrating the latest projects and research in computational architecture and engineering.

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