Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heath Satow - new installation

Long-time Rhino user and frequent newsgroup contributor, Heath Satow, installed five sculptures November 5th in Palm Desert CA, near the other Satow sculpture in Palm Desert, the lizard sculpture.

Check out photos of the installation and the final project.

"I started designs on the "Tumbling Weed" project about four years ago, right after the Rhino V4 beta came out that allowed us to bend and flow polysurfaces. This project made heavy use of that feature, and I'm not sure I could have or would have attempted this particular design without those tools." - Heath Satow

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k said...

Thanks for the post, Bob. I'm dead serious about what I said... many projects I've done could not have been realized but for the power of Rhino to let me do what I imagine, rather than fighting with the software. Thanks for such a great tool!