Saturday, May 24, 2008

Designing for Second Life in Rhino

We prototyped an example Rhino plug-in writing sculpted primitives for Second Life. Fortunately, Gan Uesli Starling has written up detailed instructions on everything you need to know to get your Rhino models into Second Life.


Anonymous said...

Well I wouldn't call it detailed. Very confusing

Anonymous said...

This might be useful for people who have little or no sculpting expiriance for creating single prim objects, but for somone who has a little more expiriance, or who wants to find a way to combine several sculpts into one object it is useless.

Anonymous said...

Considering how awful the economy is I would think you guys at Rhino would be trying to get as big an audience for your product as possible. Making a plugin that would allow easy import into sl has a ready set of customers.