Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Arena4D for Rhino - pointclouds and GIS data support

Veesus Ltd is pleased to announce the release of Arena4D for Rhino 5.

This long awaited plug-in takes Arena4D's high speed point rendering algorithms and lets you to view your point clouds in Rhino 5Video.

  • Slice
  • Clip
  • Snap to Point
  • Arena4D - Lighting
  • Arena4D - Smoothing
  • Arena4D - Point Colouring
  • Magnification tool

What is Arena4D ? Arena4D is a rapidly developing software product, specialising in the visualisation, exploitation, and animation of huge PointClouds and GIS data.  If you collect, edit, analyse, register, reverse-engineer, create videos, present or simply view Pointcloud data from any scanner, Arena4D is the ideal manufacturer independent visualisation product.

Resellers - If you are interested in becoming an approved reseller of Arena4D and associated products please contact Veesus Ltd"

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