Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Pegasus on fire for Burning Man

Adrian Landon, metal sculptor and long time Rhino user, first downloaded Rhino when he was 17. He wanted to design cars, so he taught himself how to use Rhino. That was 13 years ago. Then Adrian picked up metal work. He moved from four-wheel designs to four-legged designs—life-size metal mechanical horses.

Now he is creating Wings of Glory-The Mechanical Pegasus, a giant mechanical metal Pegasus sculpture for Burning Man 2019. It has a total wingspan of 40 feet, and most of the mechanics will be visible.

The Pegasus will gallop and fly in slow motion in the air on fire! A propane flame system will shoot out flames while the sculpture is in motion.

Wings of Glory is in its final design and engineering stages. For more details, go to the Kickstarter Campaign.

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