Friday, April 26, 2019

New Grasshopper eLearning course from BlueStone Institute of Design

Bluestone Institute of Design announced a new Grasshopper course. It is an eLearning video-based course conducted in English. No need to travel to the class. Review the curriculum and get started today.

Course Curriculum:
Chapter 1 - Interface, Navigation, Display
Chapter 2 - Data Matching
Chapter 3 - Data Creation 
Chapter 4 - Pattern Creation
Chapter 5 - Grids
Chapter 6 - Transformation
Chapter 7 - Organizing Data
Chapter 8 - Attractors
Chapter 9 - Curve & Surface Evaluation
Chapter 10 - Morphing
Chapter 11 - NURBS Creation
Chapter 12 - Mesh Creation 
Chapter 13 - Voronoi Designs 
Chapter 14 - Image Sampler 
Chapter 15 - Weave 
Chapter 16 - Graph mapper
Chapter 17 - Fabrication

BlueStone Institute of Design aims to be the foremost eLearning provider to provide skill-based learning in all leading international languages. Based in Mumbai, India, they currently offer courses in Rhino for Architecture, Jewelry and Product Design, Grasshopper, V-Ray for Rhino, and Clayoo.  

Courses are offered through eLearning for professionals as well as students who are unable to travel to Mumbai for classroom training. Their instructors have 15+ years of industry and training experience.

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