Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Structural mechanics for jawbone reconstruction surgery

The student Crysta Frank is using Scan&Solve to study jawbone regrowth after surgery. When is it safe to chew again?

Scan&Solve helped in analyzing important information about the mechanical properties of a healing jawbone.

Surgery is a common treatment for oral cancer. When the cancer tumor has grown into the bone, then part of the jawbone is removed. Using Scan&Solve Pro, Crysta Frank studied the mechanical properties of bone in the jawbone related to surgery.

Crysta used Scan&Solve Pro to compare the mechanical properties of the healing bones during chewing.  She wanted to see how the mechanical properties of the mandible changed during chewing and when the patient can safely chew again.

According to Crysta, "Scan&Solve is ideal for the studies because it supports assemblies and also doesn’t require converting the mandible model to a finite element mesh, which can be hard for such complex geometry."

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