Monday, October 30, 2017

The Brabham Evo Project by EPTA Design

Following several rumors of a possible return of Alfa Romeo to the F1 world, EPTA Design wants to pay tribute to Alfa's history and specifically to the Brabham BT46.

"The Rhinoceros software was crucial not only as a modeling tool, but also for the rendering phase.

Given the high number of textures (logos) we directly cut the surfaces with reconstructed vector logos. This has allowed to arrange the clipped surfaces into specific folders and, above all, to avoid having texturing problems (mapping) and to have to deal with heavy images (to use as high-quality textures) to make larger renderings.

Rhinoceros stands out for speed and precision and was, as always, crucial to managing a model with a high number of components.

The Maxwell rendering plugin, integrated with Rhino, gives the benefit of organizational system folders, levels, and groups for the management of the rendering."

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