Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Facades+ 2017 Conference & Workshops, April 6-7

facades+ 2017
New York City
Symposium/Conference: Thursday, April 6
Lab Workshops: Friday, April 7

The goal of the Facades+ conference is to focus on the design and performance on the next generation of facades. Their aim is to provide proven insights on how to make your ideas become reality. They've brought together some of the world’s most productive building professionals and leading researchers to share insights on how facades ideas are brought to life.

Rhino-related Lab Workshop:

About the conference...
Facades+ is the leading conference on the performance and design of the building envelope. The unique crossover of attending professionals brings together a unique brain trust from the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, fabrication, development, and education. Be inspired and learn how to innovate all steps of facade implementation—from systems and materials to designs and delivery strategies.

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