Thursday, September 29, 2016 - Experience the revolution of bespoke products

White Lioness technologies recently launched, a system that facilitates every step to sell your product. From importing your Grasshopper definition, to fluent online 3D viewing and modification. It facilitates sales and even taps into your production workflow.

The platform can be scaled and changed to suit a broad variety of applications and sectors and can be used online or in-store. for tailormade eyewear

For the eyewear industry White Lioness technologies teamed up with Sfered Intelligence and Fuel3D to develop a multi brand in-store platform for the custom eyewear.

Grasshopper definitions that contain years of investigation and knowledge about the design and fabrication of glasses have been imported into An optician can use these definitions through an in-store web-based system via and link them to a 3D scan of a customer.
The optician can show the customer what various options look like and make them perfectly fit to the customer’s face. When adjusting a parameter, for instance the height of the glasses, the model smoothly transforms to this new state, all based on the parametric and associative knowledge from the Grasshopper definition.

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