Friday, April 8, 2016

Ice-breaking yacht design

Rhino is one of the tools in the design and production of a new concept in luxury yachts. At the Monaco Yacht Show last fall EYOS Expeditions launched a yacht for owners who want more than a party palace. Their SeaXplorer is capable of exploring most any waterway of the world, but with the luxury typical of a luxury yacht.

The SeaXplorer features:
  • Retractable stabilizers (for traveling through ice)
  • Ice-breaking stern
  • Two propulsive units to turn 360 degrees (for turning that ice-breaking stern around)
  • Storerooms big enough to hold fresh supplies with reprovisioning on those long trips
  • Helicopter landing pad with onboard hanger for protection from inclement weather
All this with luxurious comfort in the cabins, mess hall, hospital, gym, and internet cafe designed by Amels luxury yachts, known for their high-quality interiors workmanship and design.

For the production, Azure, a yacht design studio, produces hand-drawn sketches. Damen, the Dutch commercial shipping giant, adds its engineering expertise with team reviews. When they approve the design is translated into a full 3D model in Rhino.

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