Saturday, November 14, 2015

Grasshopper in biology and living materials

MIT's Tangible Media Group, bioLogic, is applying Rhino and Grasshopper to nature.

Working with biofilm, a thin film of bacteria that adheres to a surface, bioLogic introduced a living cell as a nano actuator, or instigator. BioLogic's vision is a world where these actuators are grown from nature, instead of engineered in factories.

They grow and harvest the living cell actuators in a biolab, assemble them by a micron-resolution bio-printing system, then transform them to Second Skin. This biological skin responds to body temperature and perspiration. In their project video you can see the flaps open around the heat zones, enabling sweat to evaporate and cool down the body. Think of the possibilities for sportswear.

BioLogic used Rhino and Grasshopper to simulate shapes and generate tool paths.

More info on the bioLogic project ...  

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