Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Robert Garita - Collaborative Processes

Robert Garita graduated in architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Barcelona (IAAC). He is currently a Professor at the School of Architecture and Product Design at Veritas University. Robert is also the co-founder and chief architect of MG Studio Design and Architecture and is an active member of the Young Architects Board of Costa Rica.

Recently, in collaboration with Juan Esteban Vallejo and Vaneza Caycho, Robert presented his project in furniture design and digital manufacturing. The project was a proposal for furniture for public spaces at the National University in Medellín. It recognized the potential of generating unique design objects that fit the specific needs of users through the implementation of technologies for parametric design and digital fabrication.

Check out a video of the project here!

Check out the complete project proposal here!

All projects were modeled using Rhino 5 and its plugins: Grasshopper and RhinoCAM.

Details on the international workshop:

The project gave undergraduate students at the National University of Colombia, and at Veritas University in Costa Rica, more opportunities to gain experience in the implementation of digital technologies for parametric design and digital manufacturing.

Collaborative Processes
Furniture Design and Digital Manufacturing - 2015
Proposal for public space furniture at Colombia (Medellín headquarter) National University Campus.

Coordinators and tutors of the project
Robert Garita Garita, Professor and Researcher, Veritas University.
Juan Esteban Vallejo, Fab Lab UNAL Manager.
Collaboration of Vaneza Caycho, Fab Lat.

More about digital fabrication at RhinoFabStudio.

Here are some images from the projects:

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