Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hummingbird updates!

Hummingbird has updates for its plugin, a set of Grasshopper geometry components that creates bidirectional communication between Revit and Rhino geometry.
  • Bidirectional Revit and Rhino support!  This new component now allows reading output from Revit to create geometry in Rhino.
  • Support for Revit 2015 (as well as 2014).
  • Units! Whitefeet ModelBuilder tool now includes the ability to specify metric or other custom units upon import.
  • No more Excel! Read and write using simple CSV text files.
Through Hummingbird, translating Rhino primitive geometry to Revit has been vastly simplified without the need for linking or reference objects. This allows the downstream Revit model to be modified and adapted for the project duration.

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