Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Patterns in bus stops

When the town of Meilen, which is close to Zurich, Switzerland, needed a few new bus stops, ROK (Rippmann Oesterle Knauss) developed a series based on the rich cultural and historic background of Meilen.

Using Rhino, ROK designed and selected an abstract panel image for each of the five bus stops, emphasizing the distinctiveness of each location. For example, one stop shows a stylized image of vineyards, referring to the local wine-growing culture.

The abstract hole patterns punched in the steel back wall panels are similar to halftone printing. Up to 20,000 holes are punched in various sizes in the galvanized and powder-coated rear panels. Using digital images as input, ROK controlled the hole arrangement and limited their diameters to only three sizes. Besides being beautiful, the perforations let light through, increasing the transparency and lightness of the covered part of the bus stop.

To reduce running costs and expensive electrical installations, all stops are solar-powered. Each stop has an independent power supply with solar panels.

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