Friday, April 25, 2014

TT Toolbox 1.5 now available

TT Toolbox 1.5 Grasshopper plugin is a tool collection that the Core Studio at Thornton Tomasetti uses on a regular basis.

Some of the tools included in TT Toolbox are:
  • A lightning-fast Excel Writer with many options such as file creation, worksheet creation, conditional formatting that matches Grasshopper coloring and more.
  • An Excel reader/ Listener that keeps a live link to an Excel spreadsheet and automatically detects changes.
  • A Section Sweeper (inspired by Jon Mirtschin's StructDrawRhino plugin) that sweeps BRep of structural shape sections around guide curves. It also outputs 2D section curves to sweep/loft yourself.
  • A Safe-Delete component that lets you safely delete user-selected Rhino geometry that is not currently referenced in Grasshopper.
  • A CAD exporter that [batch-] creates dwg files from Grasshopper.
  • A Galapagos Listener Component that records all gene/fitness configurations, as Galapagos or our Brute Force Solver runs.
  • Google Spreadsheets Components: Components to read and write data from Google Sheets.
  • A Brute Force Solver Component that enables design space enumeration.  The component will generate all possible slider combinations (and solve the definition for each combination), allowing a user to test all of their design options.  Works well with the Galapagos Listener. Solve everything with brute force, then sort by fitness.
  • Dashboard Data Visualization components to draw legends, charts, and graphic keys on top of Grasshopper and Rhino.
  • Unfold BRep component. Unfolds/unrolls developable BReps.

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