Friday, August 2, 2013

Is your 3D printer killing your kids?

Did that headline get your attention?*

It should have. This is just a reminder that 3D printers are industrial tools and like laser cutters, proper protective gear and ventilation is needed.

I was reminded when the topic came up this week on the 3D Printing Event Blog: That nifty 3D printer may be slowly poisoning you (and your kids?).

"According to a paper published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, the desktop 3D printers on the market can emit a pretty hefty amount of harmful ultrafine particles (UFPs) into the air." 

"Worst case scenario? Asthma-like symptoms, cardiac arrest, stroke, and even death. There’s also the issue of toxicity in the materials used to 3D print that could compound these effects."

*There are a bunch of journalistic tricks used here to get attention and scare. But don't run off in a panic. Just give this some thought and do the responsible thing for your situation.

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