Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIVA Day 2013

Thornton Tomasetti has just announced that the 2nd Annual DIVA Day will be held on July 15th at their offices in New York City. Early-bird registration is now open.

DIVA Day is a conference on the use of environmental analysis in design practice and research. The full-day event includes a series of presentations and discussions, focused on how DIVA and associated simulation tools can be used in design and performance-evaluation workflows. Sessions include introductions to new features by the DIVA Team, and research and case studies by practitioners at leading architectural, engineering and consulting firms and universities. This year, the afternoon will be devoted to an Educators Session which will focus on ways DIVA is used in college and university architectural and building technology education.
Visit the DIVA site and learn more about DIVA for Rhino.

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