Monday, March 25, 2013

Conference: Computational Design and Architecture in Turkey

Computational Design Initiative Istanbul presents a conference bringing together architects focused on computation design theory, practices and methods.

Computer Generated Design in Architecture in Turkey and Globally
April 3, 2013 - 14:00-18:30h
Istanbul (Turkey)

Conference topic

Today in a non-Western context such as Turkey the nature of form making using computers is transforming the process of architecture and design. With the advent of computer-generated design software, architects and designers in Turkey now have access to a range of options to generate forms. But how are computational design methods being applied in a country like Turkey with a mix of industrial and hand-based construction methods? How are designers using computer-generated design in the design studio and then subsequently on the construction site? What kinds of practical problems are they facing when designs are sent for production and construction? How does computer generated design software interface with engineering and workshop software including BIM (Building Information Modeling)? What is the nature of data as it flows through this process? And also, critically, how does this use of computer-generated design in Turkey compare to global advances?

Speakers: Carlos Pérez (McNeel Europe), Luis Fraguada (LaN, BAD, IaaC), Sigrid Brell-Çokcan (II Architects int, Robots in Architecture), Gökhan Avcıoğlu (GAD), Durmuş Dilekçi (Uras X Dilekci), Elif Erdine (AA DLAB & AA Istanbul Visiting School), Gökhan Karakuş (Emedya Design), Nilufer Kozikoğlu (Tuşpa), Salih Küçüktuna (Uras X Dilekci, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Bilgi University).

Language: Turkish and English

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