Friday, January 4, 2013

Autodesk T-Splines v3.4 plug-in for Rhino 5 released

T-Splines v3.4 for Rhino is now released. It works with Rhino 4 and Rhino 5 (both 32- and 64-bit). You can download it here.

Improvements include:
  • Symmetry detection and symmetric operations are more reliable and usually faster. Embedding radial/axial symmetries in the same model in particular is a lot more reliable. 
  • Exact insertion has been completely rewritten. It is much more reliable on complex T-Spline surfaces, and exact insertion is now supported on symmetric meshes (i.e. you won’t lose symmetry).
  • Rewrote the code for standardizing meshes, which also affects surface generation. There were certain complex arrangements of T-points and star-points which caused crashes in the past; we expect these to work correctly now. In a few cases, we are aware of models that worked in version 3.2 of the Rhino plug-in, but not in 3.3. If you had a model like this, we expect it to work again in this version.
  • There have been many changes to improve performance. Notably, tsMatch is a lot faster, and the G1 caps are slightly faster. There were some specific cases where undoing a weld between two surfaces would take a very long time to complete; this should now be acceptably fast.
  • Many obscure crash bugs were fixed.


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, some functions are similar to some grasshopper components, that's why I love this community so much, 'the underground feeds themainstream' ;)

Unknown said...

I love T-Splines, a great and effective tool for modeling, and Quad polygon to Surface conversions!

Unknown said...

I love T-splines, great for Modeling and for Quad Polygon to Surface conversions!