Thursday, December 13, 2012

VSR Shape Modeling and VSR Realtime Renderer 64-bit

The new VSR software versions are coming along with quite a few innovations. Numerous new commands and substantial enhancements to existing functionality are making VSR Shape Modeling 2.0 a powerful tool for your 3D development process. Work like a modeling pro, but at reasonable costs. 

  • Newly developed commands such as Surface Align and Multi Blend will help you create your models efficiently – and their high quality will convince you. 
  • Align to Symmetry Plane and Create Symmetry let you symmetrize your model components with a single mouse click. This leap in quality saves you laborious finishing work – from the very beginning to the end of your process. 
  • Existing functions have been enhanced with options that many have wished for in their day-to-day work – a result of our close cooperation with our partners and software users.
  • VSR Realtime Renderer 4.0 largely benefits from the 64-bit platform through Rhino 5. Large and even extremely large models can be processed smoothly, and Rhinoceros Zoo’s support of floating licenses enables a flexible use of the available hardware resources. Projects can be swiftly completed.

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