Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SnS - Analysis in Rhino

A new build of Scan&Solvefor Rhino (SnS) is now available.

SnS automates structural testing of Rhino solids. Unlike other analysis tools, no pre-processing (meshing simplification, translating, etc) is needed.

In Rhino, simply:

  1. Select the material
  2. Apply the restraints
  3. Apply the loads
  4. Click Go
  5. View the results (strength, weakness, stresses, deformations)
New features in the latest builds include:

  • Gravity load option
  • Support for brittle materials like cast iron, concrete, and glass
  • Updated and simplified material database
  • Faster visualization for large models
  • Interactive min/max value reporting
  • Better boundary condition annotation
  • Online video tutorials
Everyone is invited to try this free pre-release version. No prior experience required.

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