Friday, May 7, 2010

VSR Realtime Renderer 2.0

VSR Realtime Renderer 2.0 is the fully embedded realtime rendering solution for Rhino. Switch from the modeling mode to a photorealistic environment at any time. VSR Realtime Renderer 2.0 goes much beyond the functionality of the previous version 1.0.

It can be combined with other Rhino plug-ins such as Bongo or with the new VSR modeling and analysis plug-ins currently under development.

With the support provided by the VSR Realtime Renderer the work on the CAD model has become a lot easier. In addition, the time-consuming creation of static images via batch renderer and conversion of the data for use in other visualization tools are things of the past, as a high-resolution hardcopy can be generated at any time simply by snap shooting the desired image.

New features in version 2.0:

  • Realtime bump mapping
  • Glow
  • HDRI bloom effects
  • Library of more than 100 predefined materials (user extendable)
  • Library of predefined environments (user extendable)
  • New snapshot command for easier high-resolution hard copies

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