Friday, December 18, 2009

Rhino 4 Service Release 7 Now Available

Rhino 4 Service Release 7 is now available to download. Owners of Rhino 4 are encouraged to download and install SR7 today. SR7 contains dozens of stability and crash fixes, as well as enhancements to many commands, including new features:

  • Save: Option to save backup file has been added to the Files tab of Options.
Bug Fixes:
  • Dim: A rounding error has been fixed.
  • Display/Bongo: Bongo preview mode did not display at the correct position when they tranformed. This is fixed.
  • Drag & Drop dialog incorrectly did not come to the top. This is fixed.
  • Fillet: A failure bug when filleting between arcs and lines has been fixed.
  • Installer: SketchUp import did not work properly. This is fixed.
  • Open:SolidWorks: A failure bug has been fixed.
  • Open:DWG/DXF: A problem where some objects were missing in the file has been fixed.
  • Open:DWG/DXF: Importing a revolved solid did not work properly. This is fixed.
  • Open:SolidWorks: A problem opening read-only files (such as those downloaded from email or CD) has been fixed.
  • PointDeviation did not properly update when control points were nudged. This is fixed.
  • Safe mode: CommandHelp is now turned off when running Rhino in safe mode.
  • Section: A failure with planar object bounding boxes has been fixed.
  • SetView did not properly update the viewport projection when setting to perspective. This is fixed.
  • Split: When splitting a surface, the resulting bits did not have the same u-and v-directions as the original surface. This is fixed.

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