Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rhino OS X - New Build

There is a new build available, Wenatchee 2008-12-16, with the following:

New Features:

  • A new menu, containing the most recently used commands, has been added to the drawing window context menu. The Repeat Last Command menu choice on the context menu now contains a menu of the most recent commands. Selecting the Repeat Last Command choice itself still executes the very last command.
  • Import and Export 3DS have been added.
  • The ExtractRenderMesh command has been added.


  • Text drawing has been rewritten and is much faster. This greatly improves Rhino's responsiveness when drawings (such as typical AutoCAD files) contain a lot of text.
  • The bounding box for a text object now contains all the text. Clicking on any part of a text object selects the object.
  • The Heightfield command does not work and has been disabled.

Bug fixes:

  • The Flip / KeepAll dialog that is part of the Wirecut command now works correctly.
  • The common menu choices File>Save, File>SaveAs, Edit>Copy, Edit>Cut, Edit>Paste, Edit>Delete had previously been implemented in a non-standard way. This prevented Cut / Copy / Paste from working in some dialogs. This may also be the reason some poorly written haxies crashed Rhino. These menu choices are now implemented using standard OS X techniques and may improve stability.
  • Selecting a grouped set of objects with a left to right window selection now works.
  • The Edit Layer dialog now correctly modifies the selected layer.
  • Collapsing deeply nested layers in the layers dialog will no longer crash Rhino.
  • Other crash bugs have been fixed.

Details and download...

Note: This release requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

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