Monday, February 15, 2021

Food4Rhino webinar series: Procedural Compute part 2 - Thursday 18 February at 5:30 PM CET

Procedural Compute is a cloud platform for the utilization of computational resources. The system is tailored for handling multiphysics simulation jobs used in the AEC industry. Compute is developed to seamlessly integrate with Grasshopper to keep the simulation workflow as efficient as possible.

This webinar shows how to leverage your existing Honeybee workflows to run daylight simulations in the cloud. Learn how to scale your simulations beyond your laptop without leaving Grasshopper.

Speaker: Christian Kongsgaard is an architectural engineer focused on computational environmental design and streamlining building performance simulations. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder at Procedural.

Date: Thursday 18 February at 5:30 PM CET

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