Friday, February 5, 2021

Adobe Substance materials supported in Rhino 7


Rhinoceros 7 includes support for Adobe Substance materials! The Substance Importer plugin for Rhino enables you to import realistic-looking materials (SBSAR files) directly into Rhino as “Physically Based” materials. This is the first phase of the development of Substance support in Rhino (allowing the editing of Substance materials directly in Rhino), which is coming soon.

Find out more about installing and using these advanced materials in the Using Adobe Substance with Rhino Guide.

1 comment:

Nvizeon said...

The substance package installs but after restarting Rhino I get:

Error loading - Substance.Win.rhp

In the details of this error:

Unable to load Substance.Win.rhp plug-in

The Plugin does not appear to be compatible with this version of Rhino

I'm using Rhino version: 7.2.2102.7001 121/2021