Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Rhino User Webinar: From Shoes to System: The Future of Digital Design for Footwear, November 24 at 4 PM CET


In this webinar edition, Footwearology will take us into the future, explaining how we will see a shift in how footwear designers, developers, and engineers will work.

Footwearology is a renowned research and training institute for footwear professionals. They provide various courses in Rhino and Grasshopper, specializing in the footwear industry.

They will transition from using 3D modeling software for designing separate shoes to using it for the creation of automated design systems that allow them to work much smarter and with much better results. They will demonstrate various options, both from a technical, biomechanical, and aesthetical perspective and discuss the future skill sets that will be required for footwear development teams.

Nicoline van Enter is one of the founders of Footwearology. She is a world-renowned technology forecaster and visionary thinker, working on developing full systems and workflows for digital design and manufacturing of footwear.

Luis Bugin is a highly experienced computational designer. He joined the team of Footwearology last summer, researching data-driven design applications and additive manufacturing technologies for mass customization of footwear.

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