Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Getting to know... Construsoft and Optinave!

Construsoft is a leading supplier and developer of BIM (Building Information Modeling) software and related services. Their portfolio includes products and applications that provide an accurate, detailed, and data-rich 3D environment for the design and construction industry.

They were interested in creating a free online application that would allow them to showcase their knowledge for calculating and optimizing the design of metal structures. They knew Grasshopper was a powerful tool to build such an application, but they needed a way to host these files online and make them available to anyone via a web browser. Recently, they found out that ShapeDiver could give them these capabilities and even allow them to use third-party plugins such as Karamba3D and Geometry Gym.

In this interview, ShapeDiver talks with Construsoft's team and discusses the topics surrounding this powerful online tool called Optinave.

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